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What we do

Market Readiness
In today's crowded market place it is vital that market targets are selected carefully to fit the market strategy. That guides the choice of
'market messages' that will capture the attention of the target client. B2B Sales Consulting has built several 'market message' structures that are succinct, compelling and will get your clients interested in you.

Sales Effectiveness
This is a combination of targeting, generating leads, winning new business and developing accounts. We know the backroom support that is needed so we can help you to build sales success and back office supporting activities for profitable growth.

Sales Management

This is more than counting the numbers and shouting, "Sell more". We see the sales managemers as the team coaches who balance people, systems and processes.

Sales Training and Coaching
Our courses and workshops are always customised to our client's goals, people and their clients. We translate our concepts and tools into their language. Successful sales skills growth needs the classroom and the real world. We ask delegates to bring their real life sales opportunities to the workshops. We then make ourselves very accountable by coaching them for these opportunities.

Sales Model
How you sell must be right for your service offerings, people and clients. The processes, sales skills, sales support material and sales reporting have to be harmonised. We can diagnose our clients strengths and weaknesses quickly then recommend practical improvements with agreed implementation plans. Our support can vary from mentoring to 'hands on' and doing it with them.

Sales Recruitment

When we are asked by clients (because they say we know them and the type of sales people who would fit their team) we will head hunt business developers for them.

Interim Management
Not only will we accompany our clients to meet their clients, but we also like to be tested in the real world so we will undertake permanent and part time interim responsibility to sell and to manage sales for them.


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