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Our sales philosophy

Creating clients is better than selling
We believe it is better to create clients than to sell. Selling can be pushy and predictable which allows clients to fend you off. Creating Buyers© gets better results for clients and consultants.

Mutual Value

Our Sales Process is based on understanding the buyer’s drivers and what they see as value and then to build a partnership that recognises that both parties need to get value from each and every deal.

‘Win Win’
We believe in ‘Win Win’ because it’s ethical and it’s the only way to build long term relationships. Our behavioural influencing tools need to be used with sincerity.

Buying Climate
We do not believe every meeting is a selling occasion. We need to sense the buying climate and decide whether it’s better to build the relationship or to sell.

Demand Creation
We understand the difference between Demand Creation and Order Taking. Too many sales people deceive themselves in times of plenty. They do not know what they have to do differently in a tight economy to create Demand.

More sales are won than lost!
Buyers keep telling us the same thing about failed sales. Poor sales people do not listen, do not seek to understand them and try to force their own solutions. So winning is about listening, understanding, empathising and creating value for your client in their terms.

White Water Rafting

Client testimonial

“B2B Sales Consulting designed a practical series of sales workshops to help our account managers to develop and close complex deals. The workshop skills were then consolidated by ‘Opportunity Coaching’ where they worked remotely with our sales teams to help us close 2 complex high value deals that we might otherwise have lost.” Jules Beck, Director - Business Transformation, CSC Computer Sciences Corporation

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