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Our Best Seller - Selling Consulting Services Made Easy

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A lot of consultants tell us they think selling consulting services is a mystery and a black art. there are at least 2 reasons why it is very challenging for any of us.

Firstly the consulting offer is often customised to suit a clients particular needs so the disales discussion is a mix of selling, consulting and problem solving which requires different hats. Secondly it often involves selling youself. Most people finds this very difficult and suffer from sudden, out of character, attacks of modesty which can underwhelm your potenial client.

Our eBooks are based on our real life selling experience and collectively we've sold over $200m of consulting and IT services. So we know our B2B selling model works. Our clients tell us it is practical and supported with tools and tips that they can use straight away.

We captured these in our eBooks and our readers tells us they are easy to read and put in to practice. As a post sale promise we are always happt to take email questions from our readers to clarify our ideas to make sure they can work for you.


Our Best Seller

Selling Consulting Services Made Easy
Selling Consulting Services Made Easy
B2B Sales
A simple practical guide that will take you through all the discussions you need with your client to create a buyer and win a new project.
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